Saturday, March 15, 2008

Perrelli ready for Belgrad

Charlotte Perrelli sings "HERO" on the stage in Telenor Arena,
Karlskrona. I didn´t use this pic in the paper due to the omnibounce

at the lower part of the picture.

Charlotte Perrelli won the swedish Eurovision Song Contest with her song HERO. It´s has a powerful discotheme and I think it can hit Europe and maybe place itself and Charlotte top 10 in the ESC final in Belgrad this spring. We´ll see about that.

Whatsoever, I´m feeling a bit better now, regarding the illness. (been a bit chesty) On monday I have a meeting that could be exiting. And an commercial assignment for Danish Crown. So I need to get well before that. OK, thats all for now, bye.

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