Saturday, March 08, 2008

Karl Melander took the Picture of the Year

Foto: Karl Melander

The jury of the 65´th Swedish POY selected Karl Melander´s picture of Cosan´s ethanol factoy outside Sao Paulo, Brazil, to win the title Picture of the Year in Sweden. Karl also won the first prize in the category "Sport Feature" for his reportage about the female boxer Namibia Flores Rodriguez. The whole list of winners can you find here.

Behind the glasses: Karl Melander, at the banquette at
Berns Salonger, Stockholm

For the title "Photographer of the Year" the jury chosed Åke Ericsson, a good choise I think. He also won first prize in the category "Deeper Meening" and also the first prize in "Foreign Reportage". He had a busy year, it seems like.

The banquette after the award-ceremony was held at Berns Salonger in Stockholm. Nice people, nice food and a lot of nice clothing...
HERE you can see me (at left) and Sydsvenskans photographer Lars Dareberg posing for the magazine Kamera&Bild´s editor-in-chief Göran Segeholm´s camera. Do we look good?

By the way, here´s the jury.

Eva Brandt, Photographer from Sweden.
Ayperi Ecer, Vice President Picture Business Development, Paris
Sue Brisk, Editorial Director Magnum Photos, New York
Adam Pretty, Photographer at Getty Images in Beijing
Paula Bronstein, Photographer at Getty Images in Bangkok
Cotton Coulson, Photographer National Geographic, Copenhagen

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