Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Michael Wood

Yesterday I where in Borgholm to shoot some pictures at Michael Wood, USA´s ambassador to Sweden. He was attending a press conference about electrical cars, alternative energy and the ticking climatebomb. He spoked very vivid about this and I thought that the clock at the wall was saying just that, that the environment-clock is ticking-FAST. So I placed myself in line with Mr Wood between me and the clock. With Wood out of focus the reader wood concentrate on the fact that we must do something now. How Michael looks they would see on a additional picture.
But no! The editor/reporter (on this paper the reporters edit there own pages) didn´t want to use the picture because the man was out of focus. It´s just sad, I think. Do I sound bitter again?

I dont tell the writing journalist how to do their jobs, why should they decide wich picture to run in the paper? Why is this so common in smaller market newspapers? Anyone?

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