Saturday, February 16, 2008

Knuckle-dusters, did you know...

ÅkeSandberg holding an old lawbook.

A bullit found in a murderers wifes head.

An old knuckle-duster made in led. Unusual
murderweapon. The foot-cuffs in the back were
once stolen from Åkes locker in Kalmar
District Court, later on the police found them
in a stolen car in Malmö, in the very south of
Sweden. Why steel a pair of old cuffs?, unless...

Åke Sandberg holding an old gun that been i
nvolved in a murder in the 1920´s.

This man, Åke Sandberg, just loves to be in the paper. He works at Kalmar District Court. He´s a frequent contributer (?) in our paper. Once he manage to get us lost in the forests outside Kalmar. It took us ours to find our car again.
But this week it was time to talk about old crimes and forensic evidence of all kind. Åke just loved it ! He talked and talked and talked some more! And I only had like 25 minutes to listen, then I was of to the next job, thats how we work, insane I think but thats another story.
Did you know that the knuckle-duster is not really a weapon, NO, Åke told me that it was the butchers that skins the animals that originally used the knuckle-duster. I for one did not know this. Then, at the saturday-dances, the butchers took the knuckledusters with them to the parks and the dancefloors to fight eachother...You allways learn something...

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