Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What to do? Quantity instead of quality

Hanna Johansson, Färjestadens IBK manage to do a hat trick in
saturdays game against Göteborg.

What to do? I need some help to solve this problem:

It´getting more and more common that we smallmarket PJ´s is pushed to do our work in a few minutes and move on to another job. (6-10 jobs/day isn´t unusually) Upon that we´re also supposed to bring home some content to the webeditor. Perhaps some audio too. Our job has suddenly multipIyed by four, still photo, video shooting, gathering sound and publish a slideshow.
I don´t want to sound bitter, but I am tired in the smaller newspapers way of letting there journalist produce quantity instead of quality. As you already know I work on a small newspaper. Theres nothing unusually about our paper, we do what all thoose papers do in general, we´re filling up the sheets with articles done by phone in about five och six minutes or so, sending out a photographer to take a mugshot on some politician whitch said something "intressting". The "portrait" shall be done in 15-minutes, transport to and from location included, then the photographer should be on there way to the next job. Quantity is the word ! Quality?
-Eh, it´s just a picture, we just need to fill this empty space, the editor says.

I love to do and to watch audio soundslides, and after going on a slideshow-workshop (actually two) with the Swedish PJ Lars Dareberg I launched this idea of doing thoose audio slideshows to our CEO and our chiefeditor. They were thrilled about the content and off course we should have audio slideshows on the web. I gave them my hand and they took half my body, it seems. Now we are supposed to do slideshows frequently, but without sounds cause editing the sound takes to much time...Oh, I´m getting so tired. Here is some of the slideshows me and my collegues have published.

OK, I think many of you recognizes this problem. What have you done to manage this problem?
What can we do to get around this? Any propositions?
If you´re Swedish you can comment i swedish, it´s OK.

In the meantime, here´s some pictures from the weekends work.

Slätafly Flyers lost their game against Älvstranden with 2-12.

An arson occured in Nässjasjömåla this weekend.
Fortunately nobody where at home when the fire started.

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