Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Idea-bank is emty, or?

This week we have had nothing to do at the photodepartment on the newspaper. Some football (soccer) where played at monday evening. Outside, at a temperature of 2 degrees celcius (35,6 fahrenheit, 271,15 Kelvin) and strong wind from the seaside. Lucky for me I had a hamburger to shew on and that held me warm for at least ten minutes.
Yesterday it was time to meet up with the local model-railroad guy. He was cool. He had like 1700 model trains and over 30000 little plastic figures, like soldiers, railroad workers and policeforces. All hand-pai
nted by Robert himself ! Unfortunately he did not allowed us to take pictures that showed just this huge amount of models because of the risk that it will be stolen. Well, I dont know. Thats a petty. I cant publich any pictures yet but it will come.

I´ve bought me a new phone: Sonyericsson P1i, its difficult to send SMS and MSS because the letters are not at its usual places. Otherwise it seems to be nice. It can do all kinds of stuff, it might even be able to fix me a drink one day...

Ok, what about the website?
I just added three new ga
lleries at the website. The new ones are: People, news and sports. The work progresses slowly but firm. Soon it will be ready for vernisage, with champange of course !

You will find the galleries HERE

Some pics from Kalmar FFs first training of the year. It´s Kalmar FFs new brazilian player Marcel Silva Sacramento who´
s trying to warm up his muscles in the cold weather.

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