Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Photo: Richard Koci Hernandez

No, I think I´m actually going to cry here. MultimediaShooter has been hacked again I guess. Richard Koci Hernandez, father of the blog and multimediajournalist at the San Jose Mercury News, says their is not enough Jack Daniels or Red Bull to get him back this time. Therefore he has closed the site for good. It´s a petty, he had a great blog there. What to do now? Not that I have that much sparetime to surf around, but thoose little breaks I have I allways enjoyed a good look at MultimediaShooter. Sad.

Ok, back to Kalmar. The whole week I´ve been working on this football- (soccer) inset to the paper. It´s to be published in connection with the football´s-premiere. Therefore I cant show you any of the pictures. So here´s an picture I just found on the desktop as I was cleaning it up. It´s from the harbour of Kalmar. Seems a bit cold. But somehow I like the cold mist in the harbours at winter.
Easy to say now, when the spring is standing on the front pourch, knocking at the door...

Photo: Mattias Johansson 2007

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